Hickam Public Affairs is dedicated to our belief that the most effective government is limited government. We rely on our public servants to provide a wide variety of essential services. Unfortunately, every legislative session offers up more opportunities to distract them from the goal of efficient, cost-effective, and productive public service. Some people call this worry “conservative.” We call it “common sense.”

Our team is committed to promoting opportunities for individuals and businesses to succeed in their communities. We believe successful private enterprise, personal liberty, and local initiatives are the foundation of effective, pragmatic government.

We also believe the risk of failing to engage legislators, regulators, and bureaucrats — or, engaging them ineffectively or inappropriately — is a risk too many people and companies take every day. That is why we serve clients who share our interests and concerns about assuring government does not intentionally or inadvertently interfere with opportunities to grow and prosper.

We are also committed to delivering superior service and solutions to every one of our clients. Our top priority is completely comprehending our clients’ interests, priorities, and goals — that’s the best way we’ve found to succeed.

We strive for 100% referenceability. We look forward to understanding your needs so one or more of our clients with similar needs can tell you how we’ve satisfied and delighted them.